Project Description

Entering as a patient, Returning as a Visitor

David Wainwright was told he may never walk again. As a runner, David exercised every morning before work, often before sunrise.  His fate would change one day as he was traversing along an over pass in the dark. He suddenly misjudged a railing for a barrier and found himself falling 40 feet to the highway, sustaining massive life threatening injuries. After spending weeks in the hospital, undergoing multiple operations, David’s wife Shannan made the decision to take David to Promise’s Long term Acute Care Hospital in Salt Lake City where top health care professionals focused on his long recovery with intense care and expertise.

David and Shannan recall the quality medical attention they received at Promise, from

compassionate care from the nursing staff to outstanding physical therapy methods that finally resulted in David’s ability to walk again. David is not only back at work and enjoying quality time with family but he hopes to run again, regaining the full life he enjoyed before the accident.