Project Description

Caring for the Sickest of the Sick

Renada’s mother’s health was deteriorating fast. Her cancer had progressed to the point where she was on dialysis and a ventilator. The hospital where she was receiving treatment said there was nothing left to be done; but, Renada didn’t agree. She knew her mother was a woman still full of life, so she made it her mission to find a hospital that would nurture her back to health. That’s when she found Promise, a facility that promised not to give up. After weeks of tube feeding and physical therapy Renada’s mother was weaned off the ventilator and she learned to walk again. In fact she soon walked out of the hospital and back to a life that centered around her family. Renada’s mother also went back to work and lived long enough to see her grandchild being born, Renada’s first baby. Her daughter

never gave up on her mother and neither did Promise. The hospital’s commitment impressed Renada to the point that she made a career decision to work for the hospital that gave her mother a new lease on life. Today she proudly calls herself one of Promise’s skilled nurses where she in turn gives her compassion and expertise to patients desperately in need of quality care and the sense of hope.